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Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Every month we try to offer different themes across Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Charleston during our weekly classes. We offer classes that are suitable for first-timers with no prior experience and also for those with a few years of dancing experience under their belts.



Friday nights


Lindy Hop socials are on Friday nights! 

There are also the occasional Blues and Balboa socials happening from time to time. Upcoming socials will be listed here or you can also refer to the local scene FB group - Swing Dance Malaysia


Date varies


From time to time, the KL scene will also host live Swing Jazz Music events that features local Swing bands like The Frankie Sixes, The Bona Hop, etc. Upcoming events will also be listed here.

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Safe Spaces

In collaboration with Lindy KL, Blues Dancing KL, and Balboa Malaysia, we are proud to pledge our commitment in ensuring a Safe Space for our dancers be it in class, studio or any event space. 

What is
Lindy Hop?

Lindy hop is a FUN partnered dance that emerged during the 1930s and 40s in Harlem, New York alongside Big Band swing and jazz. Just like the blues, this art form rose from the Afro American community and eventually became mainstream, spreading to Europe and the rest of the world during World War II.


A joyful and improvisational dance, it is a wonderful way to connect with a partner and with music. A few simple guidelines are all you need to get you started and swinging out!



KL Swing! is the pioneering group in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to a love of Lindy Hop and Swing Jazz.

If you're traveling or living in KL and looking for a place to dance, come on down! At the moment, we have weekly studio classes and classes for absolute beginners before the socials by Lindy KL on Friday nights at Havana Estudio PLT, TTDI.

For the latest events, the best place to go is our Facebook / Instagram page.

There are lots of other swing dance-related events - occasionally Blues (by Blues Dancing KL) and Balboa socials throughout the month. For the latest info on everything, do check out the

Swing Dance Malaysia Facebook Group.


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