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How KL Swing started

The story of how Ming Pang & Jordan Saw (affectionately known as 'JorMing') built KL Swing.

After 6 years dancing in Singapore and 1 more in San Francisco, Ming Pang returned to Malaysia and lasted 6 months before the no-dancing became unbearable. 

With help from the new Facebook group, the first KL Swing workshop was held in a beauty salon in Bangsar in 2008! The unusual venue was a result of an afternoon pounding the pavement in Bangsar, and was just the beginning of our constant search for danceable floors.

Eventually KL Swing settled on Tuesday for its regular socials and after a few tough spots, found its 'home' with the great people at Sid's Bangsar South.

Jordan Saw showed up at the first Christmas workshop and never left. In addition, many trips to Singapore were made to learn how to lead and teach, from mentor, Sing Lim of (at the time) Jitterbugs Swingapore.

The learning curve was steep, but the great swing scene here in KL makes it very rewarding.

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