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Safe spaces

In collaboration with Lindy KL, Blues Dancing KL and Balboa Malaysia, we are proud in our pledge to adopt and observe Safe Spaces' Code of Conduct in our never-ending commitment to protect and provide the safest environment possible to the dancers in the community. 

2. 221022 SDM CoC 2.0.png


Our aim is to also build a Culture of Consent within the scene by

empowering each dancer with the ability to Dance with EASE:


Your Representatives

These two individuals have volunteered to represent you and other dancers in

Safe Spaces. If you have any questions / concerns,

please feel free to reach out to either of them.

Report / Disclose an Incident 

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident, we highly encourage you to report or disclose it. You can do so by clicking the button below.

Safe Spaces will do our best to protect your anonymity and will only disclose your identity with your consent.

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