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The Frankie Sixes
EP Launch

18 - 21 May 2023
Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC)

One of the most prominent live jazz acts in the Malaysian circuit today, 6-piece swing jazz combo The Frankie Sixes launches their debut EP with 4 days of live showcases, guest performances, swing dancing and lindy hop dance workshops.

The EP features 5 original Malaysian swing jazz songs, composed as part of the band’s goal to infuse the genre with local stories and inspirations.


As they started out playing for swing dance communities in Malaysia, the band loves performing for audiences who connect with live jazz as a form of fun and expression, hoping to bring that same energy to more listeners around the world.  


Expect to hear original Malaysian swing jazz songs from their EP, as well as some standards from the likes of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, a lil’ bit of Nat “King” Cole thrown in for good measure, music designed to make you dance. Be prepared to move your feet!


Official Lindy Hop Music forVideo
'Tepuk Amai Amai'

The Musicians

The band is made up of Reza Salleh on vocals, Ee Jeng on piano, Che Wan on double bass, KJ on drums, Eddy Lim on sax and Isaac Marvin on trumpet.


Reza, an established indie singer-songwriter and Lindy Hopper himself, nursed ambitions to start a swing jazz band to introduce to the Malaysian Lindy Hop community as well as the larger music scene beyond. In 2018 he managed to convince Ee Jeng, whom he barely knew to join him together with Che Wan and KJ after booking them for a show. This started them off as a quartet before recruiting Eddy and Isaac into the band sometime in 2022. The rest is history!

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Che Wan

Double Bass

DSC_1737 copy.jpg

Reza Salleh


DSC_1756 copy.jpg



DSC_1746 copy.jpg

Eddy Lim


DSC_1923 copy.jpg

Ee Jeng


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Isaac Marvin


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Disclaimer: KL Swing is not directly affiliated with The Frankie Sixes. Everything displayed on this page is used with prior permission.

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