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A Weekend with The DecaVita Sisters
22 - 24 March 2024

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DecaVita Sisters

Charlie and Rebecka, a.k.a The DecaVitas, or the DecaVita Sisters, are world-renowned dancers specializing in authentic Swing and Jazz Age dances.

They have been teaching, performing and competing together since 2006 and are today among the top names in the international Swing Dance scene. Charlie and Rebecka are hailing from Stockholm, Sweden but they spend a lot of time on the road and have worked on six continents in more than 25 countries.

The DecaVitas have won several major competitions, are founders of performance troups in both Sweden and the US and have many years of experience in coaching and choreographing group routines. Together they are known for their dynamic, creative and unique dance style.

As two of the most liked and yearned for Charleston and Lindy Hop instructors world wide, Charlie and Rebecka strive to teach great technique in a way that is positive, coherent and productive.

They particularly value the art of leading and following, believing that leaders and followers require equal amount of information in the classroom to create the best possible connection on the dance floor. 

  • Charlie's IG
  • Rebecka's IG
  • Youtube
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DecaVita Sisters Moments

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